Small Business IT Recommendations for 2016


Hello and Happy New Year!

Each year, we look back at each client’s history and recommend new products and services that we feel would help you have better control over your environment, gain more productivity, or allow us to provide better service.  In 2016 there are several new developments of which each of you need to be made aware.  We have also added a number of services of which all our clients can take advantage that will increase efficiency and uptime for your organization.

“Available IT” Security Package

The most exciting thing we have to offer this year is something we have developed ourselves, the product of a year of talking to business owners and securing business networks.  Available Technology’s Available IT Security Package for your business.

In the IT industry, there has never been an all-inclusive offering that combines written policies, hardware, and software which can be applied specifically to small businesses to make them fundamentally secure – until now.

Our Available IT Security service includes a Compliance and Security checklist, a formal Security Policy, an Acceptable Use Policy to enforce with employees, Intrusion testing services, firewall hardware, antivirus / software firewall protection, yearly maintenance and the know-how to proactively secure your small business. Taking the guess-work out of small business security, Available IT Security was made for the smaller business and specifically meets small business needs.  Call us or visit to find out more!

Firewall SecurityYou need a REAL firewall!

Last year we saw cyber attacks on small businesses go from a minor security risk to a serious problem.  New threats have caused us to raise the bar on our minimum security recommendations to include a business class firewall that provides active intrusion detection and prevention.  If you have a router that is off-the-shelf, then you do not have the minimum recommended security level for businesses.  If you do one thing this year, DO THIS!

Intrusion Testing

Not only is intrusion testing a good idea, it is one of the requirements for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.  Our software periodically attempts to “break in” to your network and provides us with a list of all vulnerabilities so we can be sure that your environment remains safe from the most common breach attempts.  These are recommended to be done quarterly, but even if you do them once a year, testing is a critical step to knowing your security status.

Workstation Real-time monitoring

We began offering this last year and have hundreds of computers being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Real-time monitoring allows us to have immediate notification of possible problems on all of the computers in your office, not just servers!  If a computer shuts down unexpectedly, if there are multiple failed  attempts to login, if a hard drive is about to fail, or temperatures are out of range, our techs are notified immediately and can contact you to login remotely at once and diagnose the problem.  For just a few dollars per month, it’s like having one of our techs in the chair next to you all day. This is proven to reduce downtime and expenses, and safeguard critical data. I recommend you add monitoring to your IT to-do list this year.

Mobile Device Management

Does your workforce use mobile devices for company business? If so you need those devices to be managed in case of theft or termination, so you can locate, secure and wipe devices when needed. We can help you decide what kind of management is right for you.

Windows 10 and Office 2016

We are ready to begin recommending Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 as your standardized OS and productivity application suite.  But make sure the upgrades are done the RIGHT way. Let us help with the transition to Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 for a faster and more secure environment. 

Office 365 Email Encryption

Did you realize that email is the least secure way to send sensitive information? It’s true! Without encryption, your sensitive and personal emails can be easily intercepted and read.  We can implement secure mail encryption for your whole organization. Sending an encrypted email can be as easy as using the word ”encrypt” in your subject line.

Apple Integration

Available Technology is a Certified Apple Business Consultant, so if you are integrating Apple devices into your organization, or just need knowledgeable advice on the best way to make use of your Mac, we can help!


In addition, there are lots of other things we can recommend this year: Sharepoint development, “Internet of Things” strategy, online reputation management, website design and marketing and others.

Available Technology Inc is a team of technology professionals offering outsourced IT support, network support and network repair, computer repair and sales, and technology consulting. We are based in Greenville, SC.

Need help from a pro? Contact Available Technology at or 864-232-1234 and we would be happy to do an assessment of your small business.

Mike Lane, Available Technology Inc

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