Things Successful Entrepreneurs DON’T Do

Things Successful Entrepreneurs DON’T Do


 To Do or Not to Do?

When starting or growing your own business, everyone has advice. There is a long line of people with endless lists of habits and behaviors necessary to make your business successful. For a change, here is a list of things that successful entrepreneurs DON’T do.

Successful Entrepreneurs:

  •  Don’t Wait to Act Until Everything is Perfect – They create an environment that incubates success rather than waiting for it to materialize.
  • Don’t Have A “REAL” Job – They are all in, all the time.
  •  Don’t Do it For The Money – Do what you love, better than anyone else, and profits will follow.
  • Don’t Have a Grand Scheme – Most great businesses came from very simple ideas with unique execution.
  • Don’t Try to do Things They Aren’t Good At – Learn what they don’t know and hire what they can’t learn.
  • Don’t say yes to Anything That Doesn’t Advance Their Dream – Limited time means you have to say no to unnecessaries.
  • Don’t Recognize Failure – Failure is a speed bump, not a dead end.
  • Don’t let Fear Drive – Entrepreneurship requires equal parts passion and fear. Just make sure passion is behind the wheel and fear stays in the trunk
  • Don’t Waste Time with Negative People – If your surroundings don’t make you better, they make you worse. There is no middle ground.

What you choose to avoid doing is just as important as what you choose to engage in. DON’T engage in behaviors that could derail you on the way to realizing your vision.

Mike Lane, Available Technology Inc

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