Video – Internet Safety Training for Your Employees

Is it Important to Actively Train Your Employees to be Safe on the Internet?

YES!  Here at Available Technology Inc we help companies develop security standards as part of their general IT strategy.  Part of any good IT security strategy is active training for your employees.  58% of all security breaches are caused by human error or negligence.  Education is the best defense against negligent insecure work habits!

Available Technology Inc has written and recorded a 26 minute general safety video for internet usage to be viewed by our customers and their employees on demand.

This video is designed to fulfill the requirement that all employees of a business should have been trained in general internet usage safety in the workplace.  Rather than do a class at your location, we decided to bring the training to you, on demand, whenever it is convenient.

If you need training on general internet best practices, simply point your employees to our video!

The video is located HERE.  Please leave us your comments and be safe out there!

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Mike Lane, Available Technology Inc

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