Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

So things are running smoothly in your office: your systems are up and humming;
the fear of imminent crashes is gone

You have a maintenance plan in place for your servers and workstations. Your confidence level is high. Now the real fun begins. Now you can look for ways to use technology to increase your productivity, make your communication more efficient, or offer products and services that you never thought of before. When asked, most of our clients can name at least 3 problems that their business faces on an ongoing basis. Almost all of these can be addressed by streamlining a process or two and adding in a little new technology.

  • Need to get the most out of your smartphones for your salespeople?
  • Thinking of deploying tablets but don't know where to start?
  • Need help deciding whether the cloud is right for you?
  • Worried about file security or trying to establish a security policy for your organization?
  • Need a plan to migrate from an old software product to something more efficient?
  • Would you like to manage your employee's internet usage?
Available Technology works with many different kinds of businesses to find the solution that works best for them. We can help with virtually any technology challenge or refer you to a trusted partner who can help.

what clients are saying

  • " I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work that you have done for our Law Firm. The new server update has been terrific for my work. The speed is great! "
    - Foster Law Firm
  • " I appreciate being able to count on Mike and his wonderful staff!"
    - Dimitra Designs
  • " The fact that we can utilize Available Technology for everything from the most basic computer question to backing up our entire network, or as a central location to purchase any equipment makes them an invaluable asset. "
    - Ridgeline Construction
  • " We appreciate that when IT issues arise, Available Technology is very quick to respond. Mike and his staff are very approachable, friendly, courteous, professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. They are a very valuable part of our new business! "
    - Culhan Architects
  • " We are all enjoying our new system, thank you for making the transition go so smoothly. We appreciate all you did to get us setup without any major down time. It is a pleasure working with you!! "
    - Shurburtt Group, Inc
  • " Available Technology really is the best at taking care of our needs . And so patient ! We love you guys!! "
    - Sumner Law Firm

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